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By using our high-quality products and services, we aim to help you save money by cutting your effluent treatment costs up to 50%.

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With over 30 years experience in the wastewater industry, we are committed to providing our customers with the technical support they need, no task is too much and we are here to help.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

By using our high quality products and services, we aim to help you save money by cutting your effluent treatment costs up to 50%.

Recommend chemical solutions based on laboratory investigation.


We have knowledge of working with a variety of equipment and have connections with companies who can supply top quality equipment to for your effluent treatment plant.


Here at Gpc Clear Solutions Support for our customers is important, infact its something we pride ourselves on. We offer onsite support, Laboratory Support and Recently now Live Website Chat Support.

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Survey current effluent equipment and recommend improvements as necessary.

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Sulphate Removal System

Introduction/Overview on Sulphate removal system

The treatment system was developed so that it could be easily fitted to existing effluent treatment plants or a new plant built incorporating the effluent treatment within one plant. The technology has been developed so the effluent plant can remove all contaminants with a single settlement/solids-liquid separation and dewatering step.

The aim of the technology was to provide a method to allow the removal of sulphate below consent limits without producing a waste that required further treatment, the process was designed to be single stage and reaction time to be no longer than one hour. This is important as this enables the space required for the plant to be minimised.

The technology has an added benefit of producing an effluent which does not lead to scale formation e.g. limescale, that some effluents/plants have as a major problem. This is achieved as a direct result of the chemistry and does not require any additional chemicals to be added.

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