APEA 2015 Awards

We’re very proud to receive the APEA 2015 Environmental Protection and Improvement Award for our newest product Harena! Many thanks to all those that sponsored the event and a big thank you to the team in helping us achieve this.

Case Study 2 – Food processing factory

Effluent Quality A food processing factory was experiencing continued poor results with their effluent quality from an alternative chemical supplier. GPC Clear Solutions Limited were invited to in to see if we could improve the quality of effluent at discharge using our range of coagulants and flocculents.

Case Study 1 – Abattoir

Sludge Disposal GPC Clear Solutions Limited supply coagulants and flocculants to an abattoir effluent plant. The resulting sludge was traditionally pumped into a holding tank and then collected by a tanker. This resulted in very high DAF sludge disposal costs.