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Foam Control

Foam ControlNeed help with your Foam Control Problems?

GPC Clear Solutions Limited can offer a complete range of anti-foam products together with a unique foam control system.

Foam can cause many problems within a process. It can cause slip hazards by overflowing onto the floor. It can block filters, cause pumps to air lock and confuse instruments such as level sensors.

GPC Clear Solutions Limited can provide a complete range of anti-foam products that will deal with foam in any industrial application.

A common problem with foam is that it can be unpredictable. This often means overdosing with anti-foam products “To be on the safe side”. GPC Clear Solutions Limited can provide a completely automatic anti-foam dosing system.

This unique system detects the level of foam in a vessel and will only dose anti-foam when it is needed. The sensor is designed to discriminate between the residual deposits of foam that build upon the sensor itself and the foam being created in the process. No matter how much the sensor becomes coated, it will continue measuring foam throughout the process cycle.


The Multi-Sense Probe

foam control probeMulti-Sense is an exciting new type of level sensor. The sensor can measure a range of variables at the same time including liquid level and foam level, operating correctly even when coated with a sticky material.

Unlike float type systems there are no moving parts and so nothing can get jammed. It is not upset by foam like ultrasonic sensors. With one sensor a whole range of measurements can be made and controlled at the same time. This system is ideal for controlling foam in tanks which have a variable liquid level.

water treatment foam probe sensor


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