floquat fl 4440 | Now Called ClearFlo – C8880

floquat fl 4440 ->>>>>>>>>> Clearflo – C8880

GPC FloQuat FL 4440 –


At GPC Clear Solutions Limited we have a range of products to offer which can help to improve the overall performance of a new or existing plant.


Harena is a unique oleophilic, coated sand that rapidly adsorbs hydrocarbons and organic toxins, isolating them from the local environment…


Chlorine Dioxide is effective against all types of fungi, algae and bacteria. Investigations have shown chlorine dioxide to be more sporicidal than chlorine…

Emulsions and Powder Grade Flocculants

Chemical coagulation and flocculation are required in the removal of suspended solids in wastewater. During the solid-liquid separation process, coagulants are added which aid in the solid particles coming together…


Organic primary coagulants, inorganic primary coagulants and organic/inorganic primary coagulant blends…


Used to treat difficult effluents with inks, paints, latex, dyes, oil and grease…


We can offer a wide range of very effective anti-foam products. These include silicone antifoam and no-silicone based defoamers that are used in industrial and various food-based applications…

We can also provide treatment solutions for scale inhibition, heavy metal removal and pH control. For more information about our products, please fill in our enquiry form.

For more information on our products or to improve plant performance, fill in our enquiry form.

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