ClearFlo NS100

ClearFlo NS 100 – Flocculent

GPC ClearFlo NS100 is a ready to use anionic liquid flocculent.  

It is available in 1000L IBC’s or 25L kegs.

ClearFlo NS100 flocculent can be pumped directly into the application so there is no need for expensive polymer make-up units saving your company thousands of pounds in equipment costs.

ClearFlo NS 100 – Flocculent | GPC Clear Solutions Limited

GPC ClearFlo NS100 is a ready to use anionic liquid flocculent.

Product Brand: Clearflo

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As ClearFlo NS100 is ready to use it can also be manually applied to the application so is perfect for settling out solids in a location where there is no power for pumps and other heavy duty equipment e.g. lakes, lagoons and settlement pits.

It is also perfect for temporary or clean up jobs e.g. land remediation, where buying or renting polymer make up equipment is far too costly.

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GPC Clear Solutions will conduct laboratory testing and onsite trials with our extensive range of silicone and non-silicone based antifoams to make sure we select the correct antifoam product for your operation.For more information on our products or to improve plant performance, fill in our enquiry form.

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