Musol MPOX

Eliminate the danger and nuisance of Hydrogen Sulphide with the MuSol MPOX range of products.

Musol MPOXHydrogen Sulphide or H2s is a toxic gas associated with municipal and industrial wastewater. It is a source of foul odours, corrosion and serious health and safety issues.


Eliminate Odour Complaints
When the foul odour of Hydrogen Sulphide is present, local residents and businesses start calling.

The MPOX range of products will allow you to eliminate the foul smell, the calls and the complaints. You will become the good neighbour rather than the nuisance.

Hydrogen Sulphide can pose serious health and safety concerns to plant personnel as well as the general public. A mere 10 parts per million can cause eye and throat irritation while levels >500 parts per million can be fatal.

The Musol MPOX range of products eliminates Hydrogen Sulphide and the dangers it presents.

Consequences of Corrosion
Hydrogen Sulphide forms acidic gases that are very corrosive to most metals. Copper is particularly susceptible to attack resulting in damage to costly electronics and electrical components.

Hydrogen Sulphide, when combined with water vapour, leads to the creation of Sulphuric Acid that attacks concrete in sewer lines causing severe degradation that can lead to sewer collapse and rapid system failure.

Product Range

  • MPOX 50 > Will remove odours from treatment buildings
  • MPOX Active > Will remove odours from collection systems and sewer networks
  • MPOX SX > Will remove odours during cake transportation and storage
  • MPOX TR> Will remove odours during the importing and exporting of raw sludges


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Removal of Suspended Solids and COD
You coagulate and flocculate effluent to remove the suspended solids from wastewater at the end of a manufacturing process. The coagulant changes the electrical charge of the suspended solids so they start to attract each other to form small particles. Flocculation brings these small particles together to form flocs, using mechanical processes (eg DAF) these flocs can be made to either rise or fall to allow them to be removed from the wastewater. Once these suspended solids and the COD values associated with them are removed, the clean effluent can then be let to sewer, potentially saving your company thousands of pounds annually in trade effluent charges.

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