Ferric Sulphate Solution

Ferric Salts are used in many different municipal and industrial applications. In water and wastewater treatment operations, ferric salts are used as coagulants or flocculants for water clarification, odour control to minimize hydrogen sulfide release, for phosphorus removal, and as a sludge thickening, conditioning and dewatering agent.

It is available in 1000L IBC, 2.5L, 10L and 25L kegs or Pump Overs.



Ferric Sulphate Solution 1

Can Be Used In Drinking Water

This product is scientifically formulated for use in drinking water applications, wastewater treatment and effluent treatment.

Effective Odour Control

This product also can be used as an effective odour control agent and will aid phosphorus removal. It can also be used as a sludge conditioning agent and will inhibit corrosion by controlling the formation of hydrogen sulphide.

Products Benefits

    • Excellent for drinking water, wastewater treatment and effluent treatment applications
    • Effective over a wider pH range
    • Available in convenient liquid
    • Chloride free
    • Cost effective coagulant
    • Excellent for the treatment of wastewater where low pH is required – removal of fats, oil and grease, high colour.
    • High-performance primary coagulant
Ferric Sulphate Solution 2
Ferric Sulphate Solution 3
Ferric Sulphate Solution 4
Ferric Sulphate Solution 1

Coagulation Products

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What is the use of Ferrous sulphate?

Ferric Sulphates are effective primary coagulants based on trivalent iron (Fe3+), excellent for drinking water production, wastewater treatment applications such as phosphorus removal, struvite control and sludge conditioning. The products also control the formation of hydrogen sulfide and prevent the formation of odour and corrosion. It is used in sewage treatment, in the dying of fabrics, and for many other uses.


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