ClearFlo L-1R

ClearFlo L-1R – Heavy Metal Removal From Wastewater

Product Description
ClearFlo L-1R is a high molecular weight chelating polymer, which forms strong, insoluble chelate complexes.
Due to the long-chained basic molecular structure, ClearFlo L-1R forms large strong flocs, which separate and settle immediately.

ClearFlo L-1R can remove metals from complexes directly without having to pre-treat e.g. metal-EDTA complexes.
Metals can be removed to concentrations of <0.1mg/l with ClearFlo L-1R.

ClearFlo L-1R Metal Precipitant

The required quantity of ClearFlo L-1 R to remove a heavy metal is calculated as follows:

ClearFlo L-1R (g) = dissolved metal in effluent (g) x 250
1 equivalent of the metal (g)

1 equivalent (g) = Atomic weight of metal (g)
number of chemical bonds

Chemical and Physical Properties:

Appearance: Brown transparent liquid
Specific Gravity at 25°C: 1.25 – 1.35 g/cm3
pH (10% solution): 11.5 – 13.5
Viscosity (25°C) (mPa s): 10 – 60
Temperature Stability: -20°C – 180°C
Applicable pH Range: 3-10
Molecular Weight (g/mol): 3,000 – 5,000
Selectivity for Metal Ions: Hg2+>Ag+>Cu2+>Pb2+>Zn2+>Ni2+>Cd2+>Fe3+>Mn2+

ClearFlo L-1R

ClearFlo L-1R 1

Typical Waste Water Treatment with ClearFlo L-1R:

• adjust waste-water to the optimal treatment pH
• addition of ClearFlo L-1R (10 – 20 minute reaction time)
• addition of small amounts of FeCl3 or PAC (to improve flocculation and water-clarity plus eliminate excess ClearFlo L-1R)
• addition of flocculant (if necessary)

Heavy metals captured by ClearFlo L-1R will not be found in the eluate of the formed slurry. Even when the employed water has a pH of 3.


Sulphates can only be precipitated at ambient temperature to between 1500-1800mg/l and in the presence of sodium and potassium ions this is higher and often the limit of solubility is around 2500mg/l.

Water authorities want the sulphate level to be reduced to between 1000-1800mg/l this is so sulphate rich effluents don’t damage the sewer infrastructure.

A novel chemical precipitation method has been developed using the addition of aluminium and calcium. The chemical reaction is accelerated using ultrasound and its efficiency is improved.

The settlement and precipitation of the solid is aided by the addition of Clearflo L1-R  

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