Chemical Products

At GPC Clear Solutions Limited  we have a range of products to offer which can help to improve overall performance of a new or existing plant.

Leading Industrial Wastewater Treatment Chemical Products, Equipment & Services


Harena is a unique oleophilic, coated sand that rapidly adsorbs hydrocarbons and organic toxins, isolating them from the local environment…

Wastewater Disinfection

Chlorine Dioxide is effective against all types of fungi, algae and bacteria. Investigations have shown chlorine dioxide to be more sporicidal than chlorine…

Emulsions and Powder Grade Flocculants

Chemical coagulation and flocculation are required in the removal of suspended solids in wastewater. During the solid-liquid separation process, coagulants are added which aid in the solid particles coming together…


Organic primary coagulants, inorganic primary coagulants and organic/inorganic primary coagulant blends…


Used to treat difficult effluents with inks, paints, latex, dyes, oil and grease…


We can offer a wide range of very effective anti-foam products. These include silicone antifoam and no-silicone based defoamers that are used in industrial and various food-based applications…

We can also provide treatment solutions for scale inhibition, heavy metal removal and pH control. For more information about our products, please fill in our enquiry form.


At GPC Clear Solutions Limited we have a range of applications to offer which can help to improve the overall performance of a new or existing plant.

Effluent Treatment

A range of high-quality products that can improve treatment with dissolved air floatation, clarification and sludge dewatering…

Fat Control

The process of Bio-augmentation is the act of adding additional bacteria to a given process in order to increase the biological activity in that process…


Foam can cause many problems within a process. It can cause a slip hazard by overflowing onto the floor. It can block filters, cause pumps to air lock and confuse instruments such as level sensors…

Odour Control

A range of products including odour neutralisation and hydrogen sulphide treatment.

For more information about our applications, please fill in our enquiry form.

Please find below a list of our Product MSD Sheets for your viewing, please feel free to download.


ClearFlo C200

ClearFlo C194

ClearFlo C5700

ClearFlo C5898

ClearFlo C8880

ClearFlo C9240

ClearFlo C20

ClearFlo C36

ClearFlo CTB15

ClearFlo CTB25

ClearFlo CFC

ClearFlo CFS


ClearFlo NE1064

ClearFlo NE1066

ClearFlo NED1066

ClearFlo NP1868

ClearFlo NP1868-1

ClearFlo NP1810-1

ClearFlo NP1820

ClearFlo NP1820-1

ClearFlo NP1826-1

ClearFlo NP1846-1

ClearFlo NP187868-1

ClearFlo Block A

ClearFlo PE280

ClearFlo PE880

ClearFlo PE1280

ClearFlo PE1680

ClearFlo PED4290

ClearFlo PED4320

ClearFlo PP8280

ClearFlo PP8380

ClearFlo PP8380-1

ClearFlo PP8380-2

ClearFlo PP8980

ClearFlo PP8980-1

ClearFlo PP8980-2

ClearFlo PP9300

ClearFlo NS100


ClearFoam 278

ClearFoam 898

ClearFoam 1084

ClearFoam 300

ClearFoam 1114

ClearFoam 1662

ClearFoam 1888

pH Correction Chemicals

ClearFlo-pH-HA-D 1-10%

ClearFlo-pH-HA-D 10-24%

ClearFlo-pH-HA-D 25-38%

ClearFlo-pH-SH-U 5-32%

Specialised Chemicals

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