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Removal of Molybdenum From Industrial Waste Water

Molybdenum Molybdenum is a concern if a sewage treatment plant receives an excess as it ends up in the bio solids. These solids are often used as a fertiliser or compost. Human toxicity data for molybdenum is currently unavailable. However animal studies have shown molybdenum to be toxic and that chronic ingestion can damage the

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Flopam Em 533

Looking for flopam em 533? – We have rebranded our range and now it is called ClearFlo NE1066 Product Msd Sheet At GPC Clear Solutions Limited we have a range of products to offer which can help to improve the overall performance of a new or existing plant. Harena Harena is a unique oleophilic, coated sand

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Applications 3

Harena has many varied applications from oil and fuel spillage to flood defence and property protection. Applications include: Tank & Pipe Bunding Harena is unique able to assist with the bunding of fuel and oil tanks, including associated pipework. Harena will permanently bond with all hydrocarbon types, isolating them from the surrounding environment. Fuel and

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