Case Study 1 – Abattoir

Sludge Disposal

GPC Clear Solutions Limited supply coagulants and flocculants to an abattoir effluent plant. The resulting sludge was traditionally pumped into a holding tank and then collected by a tanker. This resulted in very high DAF sludge disposal costs. In order to reduce the cost we worked closely to the customer to select an ideal plant and flocculent to dewater the DAF sludge.

Extensive laboratory evaluation and pilot plant trials resulted in a full scale plant press being purchased. During commissioning, we helped the customer to optimize both plant settings and flocculent addition to find the correct balance.

The resulting sludge can now be disposed of to landfill rather than large volumes of wet sludge being tankered off site. This has resulted in a dramatic saving of sludge disposal costs.


Customer     Abattoir
Issue               High disposal costs
Action            Full scale plant press installed, addition of flocculent
Outcome     Dramatic savings of sludge disposal costs

“The cost of sludge disposal was unacceptably high before GPC stepped in. Since purchasing a full scale press recommended by GPC, substantial savings have been made”. 
Engineering Manager

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