Case Study 3 – Ready Made Meal Manufacturer

Foaming Issues


A ready-made meal manufacture were having issues with excess foam at the effluent discharge point. Cleaning chemicals washed down from the CIP (cleaning in position) can contain cleaning agents that can cause foaming issues at the plant. This can also cause slip hazards and level sensor problems.

GPC Clear Solutions Limited were able to identify the problem promptly and supplied them with a foam control system.

The foam sensor was carefully installed to detect foam just prior to discharge. When foam was detected, a laboratory selected anti foam from our no foam range was added at the DAF outlet after the addition of GPC’s coagulants and flocculants resulting in elimination of the foam at discharge.

Our customer now has a fully automated foam control system that only uses anti foam when needed and has totally eradicated the issues they had with foam being discharged to the sewer.


Customer     Ready made meal manufacture
Issue                Excessive foaming
Action             Automatic foam control system installed
Outcome      Elimination of foam at discharge

“I have been a customer of GPC Clear Solutions Limited for over 10 years. Their guidance and support is outstanding”.
Engineering Manager

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