Case Study 2 – Food processing factory

Effluent Quality

A food processing factory was experiencing continued poor results with their effluent quality from an alternative chemical supplier. GPC Clear Solutions Limited were invited to in to see if we could improve the quality of effluent at discharge using our range of coagulants and flocculents.

Several samples of untreated effluent were taken and subjected to laboratory evaluation. Tests were carried out to select the most cost effective coagulant and flocculent to maximize the reduction in suspended solids and cod. These were then applied to the plant.

GPC Clear Solutions Limited continue to visit the site to maintain high standards of effluent quality and take regular samples back to the laboratory for analysis to ensure the correct doses are used. Our customer now has improved effluent quality and at a lower cost of treatment.


Customer     Food processing factory
Issue               Poor effluent quality
Action            Coagulant and flocculent applied to the plant
Outcome      Improved effluent quality at a lower cost

“I used to have regular complaints from the plant operators regarding effluent quality and product supply being late. These problems are now a thing of the past since GPC have been supplying us”.
Engineering Manager

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