Applications 3

Harena has many varied applications from oil and fuel spillage to flood defence and property protection. Applications include:

Tank & Pipe Bunding

Harena is unique able to assist with the bunding of fuel and oil tanks, including associated pipework. Harena will permanently bond with all hydrocarbon types, isolating them from the surrounding environment.

Fuel and oil spillage

Our Harena product is able to fully bond with hydrocarbons found naturally in fuels and oils, including synthetics. Fuel and oil is adsorbed by a unique coating until it is fully and permanently bonded.

Highway and accident safety

Used at an accident, Harena will greatly increase site safety. The rapid adsorption of fuels and oils will minimise the risk of environmental damage, slippage and fire. Reducing the potential of secondary accidents.

Aviation and airport safety

Our Harena product has the ability to improve safety and reduce the risk of potential accidents at airports hangers, and aircraft maintenance depots. In an industry where the safety is the top priority, Harena is the best solution to reduce accident risk from slippage, fire or environmental damage.

Polymer spillage

Harena has the ability to adsorb many liquid form polymer spills, containing the spill permanently within its unique coating and allowing for easy removal from site.

Environmental cleanup – land and water

Harena can be very effective in an environmental cleanup operation, including the cleanup of waterborne spillage.

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