Sustainable Developmental Policy

GPC Clear Solutions Limited Sustainable Developmental Policy


What is sustainability and sustainable development? In 1987 the Brundtland Commission defined it as “Our Common Future”. It is “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Sustainable development recognises that the three pillars, the economy, society and the environment are all interconnected.

Sustainable Developmental Policy 3


The policy serves as GPC Clear Solutions Limited’s public statement for its management and employees plus a communication tool for its customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Policy Statement

It is GPC Clear Solutions Limited vision to help protect the environment the local community and the economy by putting the below policy in place.


GPC Clear Solutions Limited endeavours to promote and comply with the government Green Agenda. The policy will form part of its Quality Assurance review procedures. GPC Clear Solutions Limited is committed to manage and monitor the following key principles.

Key Principles

Local Community


GPC Clear Solutions is committed to reducing fuel consumption, travel costs and reliability of vehicles. Employees will reduce carbon footprint by the way of using public transport where appropriate, vehicle sharing where possible. Employees will also use technology to reduce their carbon footprint by using the telephone to communicate with people instead of a face to face meeting and using other tools such as conference calls and skype where needed. Where ever possible GPC Clear Solutions Limited orders in bulk and uses local suppliers in turn reducing fuel usage.

Recycling and Wastage

GPC Clear Solutions Limited already has a recycling policy and is committed to recycling paper, cardboard and metals. As well as official recycling the company also sends empty printer toners for recycling. Double sided printing is encouraged where ever possible and if things are printed that are wrong or not needed then these should be used as scrap paper. When a fax has successfully been sent the printout that the printer provides should also be used as scrap paper. GPC Clear Solutions Limited is also committed to having electronic files rather than paper files wherever possible.


GPC Clear Solutions Limited is passionate about the values in reducing energy usage and cost. Electrical items are only to be turned on when in use or needed. Lights are to be turned off when they are not needed.


GPC Clear Solutions Limited already has an environmental policy. Where ever possible the effect of the work carried out by GPC Clear Solutions Limited is mindful of the environment. The chemicals that GPC Clear Solutions limited provides to its customers where possible are Eco friendly. By doing what GPC Clear Solutions Limited does it means that less pollution enters the water system in turn protecting wildlife.


GPC Clear Solutions Limited rents it premises from the business owner’s pension. The building was custom built for the needs of GPC Clear Solution and does not have any bad causes on the environment.

Local Community

GPC Clear solutions Limited believes it is important to give back to the local community. GPC Clear Solutions Limited provides learning opportunities whenever possible whether it is in the form of work experience placements, apprenticeships or having students work on projects for the last year or their degree.

Written 05/03/12
Reviewed 01/13
Revised 28/01/14
Reviewed 28/01/15