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GPC Clear Solutions 

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

GPC Clear Solutions Limited is one of the leading wastewater treatment specialists in the UK.

GPC Clear Solutions Limited is a major supplier of the highest quality chemicals for industrial wastewater treatment and sludge de-watering within the UK.

With over 30 years experience in the business, we are able to quickly understand a customers needs and respond by supplying a cost effective chemical solution, not only solving current issues but also providing on-going lowest cost of treatment.

We will:

Visit your site to gain a full understanding of the process and needs.

Recommend chemical solutions based on laboratory investigation.

Survey current effluent equipment and recommend improvements as necessary.

Provide on-going technical support to ensure lowest cost of treatment.

GPC Clear Solutions Limited have a dedicated team to provide not only site and laboratory support but administration that will ensure your products arrive on time, every time!

We are involved with a wide range of industries throughout the UK including ready made meals, vegetable processing, abattoirs, sand and gravel, recovered aggregate, land reclamation, metal plating and anodising.

We are able to provide solutions for the vast majority of water based, industrial effluent and sludge that requires solid-liquid separation.

By using our high quality products and services, we aim to help you save money by cutting your effluent treatment costs up to 50%.

We cover a wide range of industries which include the food industry, mineral processing, gully waste treatment, Plus many more…

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We are based in the South East of England and work throughout the UK.

To enquire about our services and to find out what we can do for you, give our team a call, or fill in our enquiry form for a prompt response.

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Gpc Clear Solutions Latest Product in development is Harena

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