What Are Flocculants?

So you are asking what are flocculants? By definition, Flocculants are a substance which promotes the clumping of particles, especially one used in treating wastewater.

Flocculants are a substance sometimes found naturally or sometimes artificially in water which helps promote the clumping of fine particles into a floc.

This is beneficial because the floc can then float to the top of the liquid ( flotation), it can be filtered from the liquid or it can settle at the bottom ( sedimentation ).

The floc can then be scraped away or filtered if need be making the separation from the water process much simpler.

We supply and use Flocculants in many different industries, from Abattoirs to food manufacturers and breweries but mainly to the wastewater industry.

GPC Clear Solutions Limited can offer a FREE, no-obligation onsite evaluation of your current effluent discharge procedure which can include:

  • Evaluation of existing effluent processing equipment.
  • Evaluation of existing wastewater treatment chemicals
  • Collection of current incoming and outgoing effluent
  • A FREE full-colour technical report outlining current status and potential improvements
  • A FREE laboratory analysis of current effluent including results for:
  • COD
  • Suspended Solids
  • Dissolved Metals*
  • Ammonia*
  • Phosphate*
  • FOG*
  • Total Solids*
  • Sulphide*
    Save £££’s on your Mogden costs with GPC Clear Solutions Limited today!!**
    *Where appropriate
    **Results vary and each chemical solution is tailor-made. All costs and associated savings will be fully outlined before an onsite trail

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