Wastewater Treatment Services

Wastewater Treatment Services

At GPC Clear Solutions Limited we have a range of applications to offer which can help to improve overall performance of a new or existing plant.

Effluent Treatment

A range of high-quality products that can improve treatment with dissolved air floatation, clarification and sludge dewatering…

Fat Control

The process of Bio-augmentation is the act of adding additional bacteria to a given process in order to increase the biological activity in that process…


Foam can cause many problems within a process. It can cause a slip hazard by overflowing onto the floor. It can block filters, cause pumps to air lock and confuse instruments such as level sensors.

Odour Control

A range of products including odour neutralisation and hydrogen sulphide treatment.

Metal Removal From Wastewater

Range of products that remove heavy metals such as zinc, iron, nickel and molybdenum from your wastewater keeping you in consent with local authority.


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