H2S Removal

H2s rotten eggs smell

H2S Removal – Problem and Solutions Hydrogen Sulphide also known as H2S is a colourless gas that produces a foul smelling odour similar to rotten eggs, It is extremely poisonous, corrosive and flammable. Hydrogen Sulphide results from the microbial breakdown of organic matter this can include human and animal waste, sludge storage tanks, sewers and …

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Case Study 3 – Ready Made Meal Manufacturer

Foaming Issues A ready-made meal manufacture were having issues with excess foam at the effluent discharge point. Cleaning chemicals washed down from the CIP (cleaning in position) can contain cleaning agents that can cause foaming issues at the plant. This can also cause slip hazards and level sensor problems. GPC Clear Solutions Limited were able …

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APEA 2015 Awards

We’re very proud to receive the APEA 2015 Environmental Protection and Improvement Award for our newest product Harena! Many thanks to all those that sponsored the event and a big thank you to the team in helping us achieve this.

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