Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant

The generation of industrial wastewater is overpowering due to a rapid development of different types of industries which produce its own particular combination of toxic waste which is extremely contaminating the surrounding environment.

Explains why environmental rules have been directed to all the industrial units to the implant effluent treatment plant to curb the direct release of untreated wastewater in water bodies.

Here, are some of the major industries which need to implant Effluent Treatment Plant to purify the wastewater before it gets discharged are:

1. Food and processing industries
2. Pharmaceutical industry
3. Textile and Paper industries
4. Automobile industries
5. Textile and dye industry
6. Dairy and Beverage industries

1. How does industrial effluent poison the environment?

Industries are a vital source of water pollution. Industrial effluent decreases the aesthetic quality of water courses such as ponds, lakes and rivers. It causes a considerable effect on human health. Furthermore, untreated effluent or in other words contaminated wastewater includes both organic and inorganic matter that can ruin the marine life and reduces its reproductive ability. The diversity of impurities in industrial effluents has been tied to many serious health issues and damage to natural environments.

2. What is Industrial effluent treatment?

Industrial effluent is any wastewater that is produced by various industrial activities. The quality of industrial effluent/wastewater varies from one industry to another is responsible for the degradation of receiving water sources. In other words, treating all kinds of effluents originating from various industries using industrial ETP/Effluent Treatment Plant is extremely desirable.

Industrial effluent treatment is the effective process of treating wastewater that is highly contaminated by industrial wastes, making it fit for reuse or dispose of/discharge back to the natural environment.

3. Different levels of treatment involved in Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP:

Wastewater treatment technology includes physical, chemical, and biological methods. Depending on the type and extent of contamination, various treatment levels involved during the treatment of industrial effluent are shown in below table:

industrial ETP word diagram













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