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Harena is a unique coated mineral that has many unique properties. These properties are as follows:

  • Oleophilic – Harena is attracted to the hydrocarbons that occur naturally in fuels, gases and oils including synthetics. Isolating them from the immediate environment.
  • Hydrophobic – Harena will actively repel water.
  • Non-leaching – All adsorbed hydrocarbons are permanently bonded to Harena and will not leach over time.
  • Non-flammable – Fully bonded hydrocarbons are non-flammable even highly flammable liquids like petrol and diesel.
  • Environment friendly – Harena has been Waste Criteria Tested (WAC) BS EN 12457. Harena can be recycled as a fuel, incorporated in asphalt or maybe suitable for bioremediation via composting.

Harena is easily stored and quickly applied as a dry, free flowing product. It is non-flammable, non-toxic, safe to handle and environmentally friendly, with an indefinite shelf life.

Further product information can be found on the Harena product data sheet.

Harena has many varied applications from oil and fuel spillage to flood defence and property protection. Applications include:

      • Tank & Pipe Bunding
      • Fuel and oil spillage
      • Highway and accident safety
      • Aviation and airport safety
      • Polymer spillage
      • Environmental cleanup – land and water
Customer Feedback
“As a world leader in highway pothole and asphalt repair it is vitally important for us to provide a perfectly clean finish, on all occasions and in all conditions. We have field tested all the leading brands but have concluded that only Harena is able to provide the finish our high standards require.”

Phil Baker, Head of Operations, Nuphalt Jetpatcher Limited.

“As a Spill Response Provider it is important that we provide our Clients with the latest and most effective solutions in removal of hydrocarbon spills from both tarmac and concrete surfaces. We have found Harena highly effective in this process”

Mark McGrevey – Cleansing Service Group