Musol MNA 4Musol MNA 4 is available in 10 different fragrances. It is ideal for:

  • Food processing/ Manufacturing
  • Composting
  • Remediation/Landfill
  • Waste Management
    Musol MNA 4 is typically pre-diluted and atomised into a fine mist using a misting unit. Musol MNA 4 combats odours in 5 different ways.

1. Pairing

MNA 4 contains substances which chemically pair with odorous compounds and change the properties of the odour molecule, rendering it odourless.

2. Oxidation

Odour molecules can be oxidised to produce an odourless solution. Combinations of oxygen, MNA 4 and hydrogen ions generate a safe reaction with a result of odour neutralisation.

3. Adsorption

Certain odorous molecules will attach themselves to MNA 4 neutraliser, generating a minute energy charge that partly neutralises their odour and adsorbs them into a larger odourless compound.

4. Absorption

Certain odour compounds dissolve into MNA 4 neutraliser, losing their odour in the process.

5. Combination

MNA 4 odour neutraliser combines with certain odorous molecules changing their structure to generate new molecules that are environmentally friendly and completely odourless.

By having 5 different ways of working, MNA 4 offers highly effective odour neutralisation which actually breaks down and removes odours, rather than masking them or hiding them with surfactant technology.


More effective by working in more ways
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