Meat Abattoir Wastewater Treatment Ashford

The evolution of various industrial sectors and expansive urbanisation across the globe highly results in increased water consumption and also results in the generation of wastewater which is considerably diverse in nature, toxicity, and treatability. Wastewater from meat abattoir ashford facilities is often high in strength hence it requires pre-treatment before its discharge into the …

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Wastewater Treatment with PolyClay


GPC Clear Solutions limited Wastewater Treatment with PolyClay Excellent filtration of your wastewater can be achieved through flocculation treatment using PolyClay. Wastewater treatment using the PolyClay products is fast and easy. PolyClay wastewater treatment products are based on natural minerals and work by pH adjustment, precipitation, ion exchange, coagulation and flocculation. The PolyClay wastewater treatment system offers many …

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